How many reps to build chest muscles | Perfect rep range

Rep range for chest

Chest is known as a big muscles and to train big muscle you have to do extra reps some people have this information in their mind.

I agree chest is a big muscle with upper pectoral and lower pectoral and also you have to do extra reps to build chest muscles but not for all exercises only for few.

If you’re doing any compound exercise then the perfect rep range is 8 to 12 reps

Compound exercise hit more muscles at one time that the reason 8 to 12 reps are best because more the one muscle is getting teared

If you’re doing any isolation moment then you can hit rep range around 12 to 15 because in isolation you’re hitting one muscle at a time

Some people hit chest twice a week so when you’re hitting chest for the second time make sure you do a normal workout with low weights because your chest muscles are already in tension and recovering from last workout

It takes 48 or 72 hours for muscles to recover depends upon how much heavy or how much rep you have done

Never go again heavy for next chest day if you are hitting chest twice a week

If you will go heavy it will over training of muscle and may your muscle will not grow due to over training.

Now coming to sets and reps

Some people hit 8 sets of bench press when they start a workout so for them go light when they start and reps around 12 to 15 as you increase your sets increase your weights and lower your reps when you come to 7th or 8th set keep your rep range around 5 to 8

You also have to do the other exercises

One rep max 

You can perform one rep max on your last set of any exercise at the start of your workout

In one rep max you have to put maximum weights you can perform and go for only one rep

One rep max will be perfect for you if you want to gain more strength and size in you

Hope your doubt is cleared about how many reps to do to build muscle

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