How creatine gives our body energy while working out | creatine process in our body.

Creatine many people know it’s uses to give more energy to our body while working out.

How it’s work? 

When you take creatine by any source through food or supplement, it's get into our body and gets converted into a molecule which is named as phosphocreatine.

What is phosphocreatine?

This molecule named Phosphocreatine is Stored into our muscles and this molecule get used when we workout obviously our body needs extra energy and energy is also called as ATP and those energy is given by phosphocreatine which is stored into our muscles by giving extra energy to muscles or else we can say by generating more ATP into muscles.

Your workout is over phosphocreatine has done his work of giving you energy now in that phase the phosphocreatine is further converted into creatinine.

What is creatine?

In simple way we can say it's all waste material, yes creatine has done his work of giving energy to our body while working out now it’s converted into creatinine which is waste material and we all know our body never keeps waste material.

To throw the creatinine out it’s get stored into our blood and blood is purified through our kidney and kidney works as a filter in our body.

Kidney filters the blood and all the waste material is transfer to the urine bladder and from that it is washed out when you go for washroom.

This is how creatine works in our body.

I tried my best to explain you in a very simple way hope you like and if you like it then do share this information.

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