Here are dirty bulking realities no one will tell you | Good or bad?

People found dirty bulking as a easiest form of building muscle 

Dirty bulking

Many people say they are on bulk and when you will ask them what’s your diet?

They will say there is no diet that’s the secret i eat whatever i want, if i want to eat one pizza i will eat two with one glass of coke and this thing is really helping me to build muscles.

The real truth is never do this thing i repeat never, why? because this is not a way you bulk and the size you gain when you have this type of eating habits is only fats and few percentage of muscles.

Lets get more deep into it, does dirty bulking work or not if yes then, how?

Obviously it will work because you’re consuming to much amount of calories which leads to weight gain. Yes you will transform from skinny to bulky very easily in 2-3 months with this kind of dieting.

Normally new lifters use this techniques because they really want everything to be fast but fitness is an art and it has to be do it with patience then only you will see the real beauty of your body.

Due to more calories intake your energy will also increase and you will easily lift heavy weights.

This was the good phase normally people see, they get blindfolded when it’s come to bad phase but have a look at disadvantages also.

Belly fat

Calories are high which means you’re consuming too much fats and that also bad fats which is not good for heart.

Your belly will look bloated and your love handles too and once this two things appears then it is not easy to get rid of them.

There is no doubt that overall body size will look big but their will be zero amount of definition in body. Everything will look packed with the layers of fats.

Specially abdominal area will get covered with layer and layer of sticky fats which looks too bad

There is one saying “Big biceps with huge belly doesn’t count”

If you don’t want to see yourself in this category then start tracking your macros.

According to your goals calculate how much amount of protein, carbohydrate and fats you need daily. Many apps are available based on calories count, you can download it.

Body fat percentage 

Due to eating too much burger, fries, pizza and other bad fatty foods your body fat percentage is going to increase

High percentage body fat is not good for health it can lead to high cholesterol level.

Strecth marks

As i said you will gain weight easily in 2-3 months and due to which (stretch marks) will come because of instant gain your skin layer will get teared.

Body is never ready for any instant action and quickly gaining muscles can cause stretch marks on body.

Always follow a good routine diet plan which will increase your muscle mass.

Their is a huge difference between 5 kg pure muscle mass and 5 kg of fat in body.

5kg of Muscle gained body looks well defined

5 kg of fat gained body looks bloated with less definition

Water retention

Water hold happens when we eat too much amount of carbohydrates and usually water weight is common during bulking but in the case of dirty bulk this case is too much serious cause our body hold lots of water into tissue.

Water retention result in bloated face and body due to which you cannot see muscle separation.


Due to eating 4 or 5 heavy meals all day long, you will feel puking up all the food when you workout.

Many people puke out while lifting heavy because of excessive meals.

That’s why it’s very important to have a well balanced eating habit.

Stomach ache 

This thing is normal, we all know if we will eat healthy then there will be no problem in digesting foods and if we will eat unhealthy foods there will be problem in digesting food.

Sometimes unhealthy eating can make you fall sick.

Hope you never choose to do dirty bulking because now you knew all the side effects of it.

Also never choose unnatural ways to bulk up always choose natural bulking it’s safe and good for health.

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