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Healthy relationship means a beautiful bonding with someone.

When you get into a new relation the level of communication and understanding is balanced and after sometimes when problems knocks the door, everything goes wrong because of anger, ego, arrogance, doubts and other toxic behaviours.

To build a healthy relationship with someone you have to develop a habit of understanding and nothing else.

Also to maintain a long lasting relation everyone has to do few sacrifices.

You don’t have to sacrifice your life or something but your inner character in simple words the way you look at things when they go wrong.

Healthy relationship

Here are the characteristic of good relationship.

No correction

It's usually a normal thing if you’re talking to someone then your opinion and other person opinion will not match at all, there will be some kind of differences in thoughts.

And that difference can create a huge mess only if you will push it towards wrong way. What I have to say is if the other person thinking didn’t match with yours then don’t correct them, why? Because it creates a misunderstanding in their mind that you’re not giving importance to their points and you see yourself as a more knowledgeable person.

When you say to someone that no you’re wrong here then that person will always try to find a reason to say that you are also wrong here and this thing is very bad.

Always make the other person feel important and In this types of situation agree with them don’t try to correct them, use a little diplomacy.

Also use this theory when you meet a new person, make them feel important and not wrong then only your connection will grow with them. If you’re a businessman use this strategy in your business too with your customers.

Yes I'am wrong

Sometimes due to some reason arguments happens, In this types of situation what you have to do is. admit it you’re wrong and at that moment break the link of argument, don’t keep on arguing and create noise and bad vibrations.

This is the best way to end it just avoid it, nothing good feel happen if you stretch the conversation to another level it will only end up hurting each other badly.

You might win the fight but that victory can also lead to distance with that person.

This win will also not make you a great so it’s better to end it up as quickly as possible.


Show interest in their talks, listen to them, ask questions related to their interest this action shows that you’re showing importance to them. be a good listener.

Don’t just don’t talk about your stuff that you’re doing this much great things in life and all. First let them share their talks, you just have to show genuine interest in it and then you should begin with yours.

No matter with whom you’re trying to build a good bonding, apply this technique and it will work.

Change yourself

A time comes when we want to change their nature because we start thinking because of that kind of nature problems are getting created.

If this kind of thoughts started coming into your mind then the very first thing you must do is try to change yourself first, find your faults too and change them and then go for their faults.

Don’t complain about the snow on your neighbour’s roof, when your own doorstep is unclean.

Always remember this statement it will help you a lot.


Appreciate them everytime they do something good because the deepest principle in human is the craving to be appreciated.

It creates a feeling of importance, that you are also showing love in their things.


Anger, ego, arrogance, hate and all other negative things which can create trouble, kill them.

Because one day this things will only create a major issue and after that you may regret.

It’s better to kill this things as soon as possible and the best way to finish them is meditation you will learn to handle your state of emotions.


Learn to forgive because mistakes are made by humans only and it's not necessary that every time it’s their fault. Someday you will also make mistake and they will forgive you at that time.

If you want to stay together then learn to forgive and also learn to ask for forgiveness


Be honest in life and it’s not necessary you have to only show honesty to your partner only, you have to show it to everyone.

It will build a good trust and there will be no misunderstanding between you too.


When they need help support them and do it genuinely with whole heart.

Don’t back down when they need you the most, It will create too much issues.

Help each others in hard times and grow together.


Respect is first thing you must give to each other and if you will not respect each other then there is no chance of having a better time together

Give respect and take respect, simple solution.

This all are the 10 best secrets you must follow to have a better and healthy relationship.

This was the proper healthy relationship definition everyone must be aware of.

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