This goal setting strategies will help you in achieving your goals

Goal setting is very important and helpful in life 

Goal setting

Every person has a dream and they want to achieve it no matter what.

But only few become successful why? Because those few people has desire and purpose in life. If you don’t have any purpose in life then your mind will not coordinate with you.

It will give you reasons why not do it and those reasons will get converted into fear and fear is the most dangerous dream killer equipment available inside human brain. fear of failure kills millions of dreams everyday.

How this fear of failure get stucked into someones mind? because of poor vision, If you don’t have any valuable reason, purpose and vision in life to do something then your inner spirit will never help you in achieving your desires

That’s why only dreaming is not enough, you have to do goal setting because it makes your desire for success more powerful, if you will not do it then there are 90% chances of getting knocked down by criticism

Here is the goal setting worksheet, right now note it down 

Write this question first and one by one write the answer honestly

  1. Why do you want it? 
  2. Why is this important for you 
  3. What are your plans
  4. What will be your action 
  5. What results you want 
  6. Answer it wisely and read it everyday.

This was the first step you have taken for your goals, your brain will get the signal that action is been taken.

Let me tell you how this worksheet will help you.

1) Why do you want it?

One of the most common psychology is without any reasons your mind does not work.

For example, A lazy person who is getting little fat day by day will not join the gym until and unless he becomes too much fat. Try your best to motivate him and make him workout but after 1 week or months he will quit.

There is no powerful reason for him to join the gym, subconsciously his lazy mindset is giving him advice there is no worth to workout.

That’s how, many people want success but they don’t have any idea, how to get it so they join the crowd and live a simple life.

2) Why it's important for you

Describe how important your dreams are.

All day long there are 60,000 thoughts surrounded in your head

When dreams are written on a piece of paper by you then a red flag is send to your subconscious mind that these thoughts are far more important than the remaining 59,999 other.

3) What are your plans

Plans are very important without plan you cannot achieve anything.

The person who tries to achieve something without any plan ends up like a mess.

Have a long term plan and divide them into short term plans the best way to reach towards the top.

There was a research done on this long and short terms planning situation.

In which 2 person were told to explain their dreams and one person was instructed to do a long term planning for it and copy it on a paper and then follow it.

Other person was instructed to have long term planning, copy it on a paper and also divide it into short plans and then follow it.

The result was, person who divided his plans into short periods achieved his desires more easily and the person with long term planning was still struggling.

Also work on those plans everyday by having daily goals

4) What will be your actions

Action speaks louder than talks.

Imagine about all the impossibilities you will face on the way.

Now imagine all the actions you will take on those impossibilities

Note it down on a paper both the things

It’s always a good option to be well prepared already.

5) What results you want

Think of it, what you want in the exchange of all hardwork and pain.

Also make sure your results must be valuable don't think of invaluable things.

For example, If you’re working for your business then how much big your business is going to be or how much earning you will get from it.

Have a thought about it.

6) Read it everyday

Once you’re done pasting your thoughts from your mind to paper.

Read it 2 times a day everyday, why? Because any thought which is repeatedly passed on to subconscious part of brain is finally, accepted and acted upon by the mind.

There is a theory written by napoleon hill in his book “Think and grow rich”

Belief which are mixed with any of the feeling of emotion constitute “magnetic” force which attracts other similar or related beliefs.

That means by reading it daily you will become success conscious, due to which you will generate more ideas for your goals.

That’s the power of goal setting don’t underestimate it

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