Everything you must know about muscle memory | Explained in very simple way.

Everything you must know about muscle memory | Explained in very simple way.

You all know about muscle mass loss usually it's happen when you stop training or else not giving your body enough of nutrients.

Not getting enough nutrients is not a long term problem you can get back to shape by giving your body enough nutrients. The main problem is when you stop training for a longer period of time what happens? Your body start losing muscles.

let’s take and example, Their is a guy called Mr.X and recently he started lifting weights and he has never been to gym before in his entire life. When he workout his muscle tissues get teared and it’s a new experience to his muscles and mind this type of shock in muscles was never feeled by his brain, the brain got the idea that he is lifting weights and to lift weights the body need energy and mass so his brain started generating strength and mass, so he can lift easily.

After 1 month of intense training Mr.X has put on good amount of muscle mass.

Mr.X workout schedule was same for 1 month and he did not add any variation into it, he was doing the old workout schedule regularly for 2 month and he could see the results. What happens when the 3rd month starts is he cant feel any soreness in muscles why? because of the muscles memory, due to same training, exercise for 2 months his muscles got the habit of that exercises and training schedule.

Now he is not growing because of no breakdown in tissues, the solution to this problem is changing the whole training program he was doing from last 2 months. Giving the muscles a different type of shock then only it will get sore and start growing again.


 Like our brain have memory to remember something our muscles also have the same kind of power to remember.

This was the first lesson of muscle memory.

Now it’s been 6 months Mr.X is training and due to some reason he has to quit training for next 7 months now he is scared and thinking that he will lose all his muscle mass it took him 6 months to build a great physique and now everything will be vanished.

Till 10 to 15 days he was on his same size no changes was seen in his body after 15 days his brain got the signal that he is not lifting weights right now he is not using his mass and strength so why to keep it, slowly day by day his brain gives the signal to start losing muscles because the body don’t need it right now.

That’s how he loses all the muscles in those 7 months break.

After the break is over he starts working out again but in this situation his muscles know the process how to grow because of the muscle memory. So Mr.X put on the same size in just 2 months with the help of muscle memory.

If you’re not working out right now don’t worry as soon as you will start training you will put on muscles really fast it will not take 6 or 7 months again it will hardly take 2 or 3 months because of the muscles memory.

This is the muscle memory science i tried my best to explain you in a very simple way.

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