Difference between whey protein and mass gainer you should know.

All the difference between whey protein and mass gainer you should know 

Someone who goes to gym know about supplements and the different kind of supplements which are available but many people can’t see difference between whey protein and mass gainer for them they both are same.

In reality they are not same there are way more different more each other.

The differences between whey protein and mass gainers are as follow


The nutrients available in whey protein is perfect for building muscle mass

Whey protein has good amount of protein, normally whey supplements have 25 grams of protein in each scoop and 0 carbs, 0 sugar.

Why 25 grams protein?

Basically the food we eat on a daily basis cannot fulfil our daily protein intake that’s why people fulfil it with supplement

Another reason is after workout your body needs immediate protein and supplements get digested easily and it is easy to make as compared to food items, that’s why people take whey protein to fulfil their daily protein intake

Why 0 carbs and sugar?

The reason there is 0 carbs and sugar because carbs we can easily get from any source of food so why to give extra carbs to body and coming to sugar as we all know sugar is the evil it destroys healthy that’s why no sugar

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Daily scoop 

2 scoop daily that means 50 grams protein you’re giving to your body and remaining 100 or 80 grams you can get from food sources

Mass gainer 

Mass gainer is a blend of carbs, protein and fats.

People who are too skinny and wants to gain weight quickly goes for mass gainers so they can gain weight easily

Gainer helps in gaining weight quickly because it contains too much amount of carbohydrate, protein and fats that’s why it helps in gaining weight quickly.

Some gainer has 150 grams carbs in one scoop and some 200 grams every brands has different

Proteins and fats are also high which helps in gaining weight.

creatine is also available so your strength increases while working out

People who are skinny and wants to be bulky faster goes for mass gainer.

People who don't need any extra carbs and fats for their body usually people who are on weight loss don’t take mass gainers

Daily scoop

2 scoop daily is better

One scoop in the morning and one scoop after your workout so your body get fueled quickly after your workout.

Coming to side effects there is no side effects of this supplements if you are taking authentic product and not a duplicate one.

Before buying this product make sure you check all the labels and barcodes properly and buy it from a trustworthy website or shop.

That’s the only difference between mass gainer and whey protein

It’s upon you what’s your aim in fitness by seeing to it you can choose your supplement.

Know you knew the difference you can easily say whey protein or mass gainer which is better for you.

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