Build bigger and stronger Traps| Trap exercises

Traps are the real sign of strength yes that’s true, It’s one of the precious muscle in your back which every one wish they have.

To be honest many people either forget to do the trap exercises or they do it but only 1 exercise for 3 sets, God damn let’s get to the points your traps won’t grow if they don't feel the pressure the squeeze into them.

Let's get your eyes towards numbers of sets and repetition of trap exercises.

Dumbbell shrugs

One of the best exercise, i have seen most people take the heaviest dumbbell and do the form in a wrong way and end up with a injury.

They also look straight while doing it, what you have to do is you should lower your head for better muscles contraction. Your elbows should not be bend it should be straight your whole arm position should be straight.

The perfect repetition and sets are
12 to 20 reps
 4 sets
30 seconds rest.

Behind the back barbell shrugs.

The most effective exercise, It’s very simple to do you don’t have to go much heavy in this, set the barbell at the rack and turn around lift the bar from behind your body. It will activate your muscles and it will give you a 3D trap look.

4 sets
12 to 15 reps
30 seconds rest

Barbell shrugs

Go heavy but make sure hold a good grip, while lifting don’t bend your elbows keep it straight, when you shrug squeeze the muscles feel the pressure coming on the muscles, a good mind to muscle connection is very important to grow.

12 to 15 reps
30 seconds rest

Tip: Go heavy until your form is right

If you’re cheating on your form that means your muscles are not getting good contraction
Head should be lower while shrugging

Breathe properly don’t hold it or else you will get blacked out

Do this 3 trap exercises for stronger and bigger trap muscles

A good round trap completes your back muscle separation make sure you work on it and make them grow big.

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