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Give best compliments and make a place in someone's life 

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The deepest cravings of human beings are “compliments” yes everybody loves it.

How do you make your first impression the last one? Obviously by showing importance to them by admiring them, how they are looking and all.

Here, some people play wrong move, they try to appreciate but they end up giving wrong statements and there you go, whole conversation is messed up.

For example, they be trying to say, hey nice dress but black would be better, like seriously why you have to give your opinion to them? done with appreciation stop right there, when you add suggestion it’s sounds like you’re doing some kind of favor on them.

The person would be thinking, i dress up for myself not for you so mind your own business.

Always be careful with your words.

To make your game strong, I have come up with 5 best compliments you can give to anyone


The best thing you can do to make someone's day better is by saying good thing about their outfit.

You never knew, they may be struggling from night just to choose what to wear today or calling their friends, so they also can suggest some good outfits. They may messed up the whole wardrobe just to look good and they also may expect sweet sayings from your side.

You don’t have any idea about it. So it’s better to play safe and just appreciate them for their look and let the conversation go on.


It’s normal that, person with whom you’re talking is going to smile in between, grab that opportunity and say you have a great smile and i really loved it.

Keep it simple like a gentlemen don’t make it sound creepy like hey your smile is something i would die for and blah blah, deep down inside you both knew you’re not going to die just for a smile.


Your hairs are looking great today, one of the best thing you can tell to anyone.

They will also feel good from inside, that yeah he is noticing it that i have spend hours in styling my hairs and he loved it.

You're a very good person

Tell them how great you feel to have them in your life.

It’s a blessing to have you in my life and i want to be with you always.

Everyone feels good when someone show importance to them.

Have you started working out?

What if someone come to you and tell you hey you’re looking in a good shape, have you been working out? you should feel good, if you don’t then you don’t care for you body.

But women does, they care for their body so why don’t you take this as a opportunity and tell them they are looking great, started working out or aerobics something?

You will make their day.


No matter which color dress they are wearing just take one step forward to tell them, this color looks great on them.

Just say it's suits them but never give any advice that you should have wear some different color or something.

If you don’t like her dress color then go for nail polish, hairs, shoes etc.

This all are the one of the best compliments you can give to anyone in 2019

If you have any other best compliments for girls then do comment down below.

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