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Basic meditation Tips for beginners 

A human brain has 60,000 thoughts on a daily basis.

Your brain is like a muscle you have to exercise it if you want better performance from it and the best exercise for the brain is meditation.

I believe in you that you’re going to start to meditate from now so let me give you some meditation tips you have to follow.

First thing don’t act like it’s a task, I mean I have seen many people they try to stop their mind from thinking any thoughts while meditating.

Why you have to stop your brain from thinking? 

The human brain is a monkey brain you cannot stop it from thinking anything until and unless you have reached to the end level of meditation.

Do you ever try to stop your heart from beating or lungs, a kidney from working? No right that’s how you cannot stop your brain from thinking anything.

Find yourself a silent place it can be your room, garden or any place where you can peacefully do your meditation.

Sit down and fold your legs, keep your back straight and head straight.

Close your eyes and let the thoughts come into your head no matter it is positive or negative let them come don’t try to stop yourself from thinking or else it will end up as a headache.

Take 10 long deep breaths at the start and then normal breathing

As you have just started it will be difficult for you to do it for 5 mins also so do it for 3 mins or if you can do it for 5 that’s great.

First 5 days would be difficult but as you begin to do it regularly then slowly you will start thinking less during your meditation and you will be able to do it for 15-20 mins

Meditation benefits 

It will increase your power of focus

You will start enjoying every little moment in life as it will increase the happiness side of your brain

If depression is your problem then it will be solved.

Your habit of getting angry will vanish slowly

Your muscles will be relaxed

Gef to the habit of doing meditation daily

Keep this in mind, change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

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