Important tips you must follow to grow lean muscle- The husky you

Lean muscle are true sign of discipline 

Why they are true sign of discipline because it takes too much hardwork and discipline.

One has to keep his fats and carbohydrate stable and stay up on protein to makes those lean muscle grow and in this situation doing weight training is pretty difficult also.

If you too want to develop this kind of physique then you have to make a promise to yourself that you will follow this tips and will give your 101% everyday even when you’re training and when you're home dieting.

Lean muscle

Best way to gain lean muscle mass and increase strength 

Active everyday

By being active everyday means you have to train well enough every day and when you get back home you have to eat good and healthy foods to make those lean mass grow.

You have to give good amount of rest to your body so it can be recovered very well, also you have to count how much amount of protein, carbs and fats you have to take every day and are you fulfilling those needs.

Micros is also important, take multivitamins daily so your muscles can absorb nutrients from your food easily. Many people forget to take multivitamins on a daily basis.

Strength training

Strength training plays a major role because it includes all compound exercises which is very important in building muscles and losing fats.

Do strength training at least 4 days a week and if you are doing it daily then make sure you take one day as a off, as i said rest is very important.

As per your training you should eat also otherwise it will only lead to muscle loss, if you’re body will not get sufficient amount of nutritions.


Nutrition is very much important and if you really want to build quality muscles than do avoid dirty bulk

For quality muscle you have to eat quality food with proper amount of proteins, carbohydrate and fats in it.

Protein for tissue recovery, carbs for energy while working out don’t quit carbs until and unless you’re not playing any bodybuilding competition. Keep your carbs stable so you get proper amount of energy while your workout out. Fats make sure you eat healthy fats and avoid bad fats

Count how much calories you need on daily basis as per your goals how much muscles you have to put on in coming months. You do this on a app called healthifyme you just have to add your goals and it will show you how much calories you have to eat daily to achieve your goal physique. You can also add food names and it will show how much calories it contains, it will make your work mord easy.

Never give up

Don’t wish you will see great results in one month only it takes time to build this kind of body but trust me the wait and hard work is worth.

It’s a slow process you will see yourself growing slowly everyday and you have to stay motivated, make sure you don’t let any bad thought kill your dreams.

Don’t let criticism stop you.

Set goals

First measure your current body weight, body fat, how much percentage of muscle your body have by doing BMR check up.

After that set goals, this month you have to gain 2kg pure mass have to lose this much amount of fats and set your diet properly according to it and if you can’t set it then do it with the help of dietition.


Consistency is the key to success, you have to stick to your plans until and unless you reach towards your end result.

Follow this plan properly if you want to look more attractive and charming by building lean muscle which looks perfect and too much attractive.

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