5 common habits you must have in you if you want success in life.

Most people run after success and end up nowhere like for example if you will run after one cat at a time you will be able to catch them easily if you will run after all of them at one moment you will end up nowhere.

That’s how if you want to be successful you don’t have to master all the things in life.

Master few formulas

The 5 most common habits are as follow

Learn to grab small opportunities 

In today's world it seems like everyone is wearing a blindfold because they can’t see opportunities in there life and from opportunity i don’t mean the big one i’m talking about the small one which will lead you towards the big one.

Learn to grab small opportunities in life, if you will let go those small opportunities the big one will never come to you, it will stay away from you.

If you will not take action at the right time then your whole life you will just end up waiting.

Always be an opportunity grabber

Positive side.

Everything has 2 side one negative side and one positive side it depends upon the person which side he choose to look.

For example, there is a white board and if i will mark a small black dot on that white board and if i will ask what do you see, people with negative side will say the black dot and people with positive side will say a white board.

It’s all about choices in life, negative mind will always say my life is hell, there is nothing left in my life, im broke etc and people with positive mind will always say my life is drifting to wrong direction i have to do something and get it to right way.

Positive mind always stay happy they find reasons to stay happy.

Always be a person who see positivity in everything.

I can do it

Many people have goals in their life but with their goals they also have this words i can’t, i think so it’s impossible, i’m quitting it’s unachievable, that’s the reason  they fail badly to achieve their goals.

If you have goals in your life then give no space to this words and you will definitely achieve your goal one day.

In tough times your one “i can” will bring miracle in your life.

Reasons in life 

You have goals in your life? Yes, great but do you have reasons why you want to achieve those goals?

There should be valuable reason why you want to achieve your goals

Right now write down the 5 reasons why you want to achieve your goals and make sure you read those reason 2 times a day.

When you have reason then only your body and mind will work for it and will not give up no matter what.

If you don’t have any reason then you will work for few day then you will give up saying what i'm doing this?

Being fearless 

Fear is claimed as one of the best dream killer.

If you have fear in life then learn to empower those fear no matter what if you will not find out any way to empower it then the fear will empower your dreams

Learn to be fearless because with big dreams comes big fears and it can be of anything it’s depends upon your mindset how strong you act in front of that fear.

My advice is if you have any type of fear in you and if you want to empower it then do this

For example i have fear of people like i always think what people will say, to empower this fear i will always say to myself, people opinion doesn’t matter it’s my dream and i will achieve it

I will say this line 20 or 30 times a day in my mind.

What will happen the neuron pathway of “what people” will say will get crushed into new pathway of “people opinion doesn’t matter” that’s you too crush your fear and be fearless

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