3 best ways to make your first impression best one-The husky you

Make your first impression stunning and classy at same time

Make your first impression stunning

Your first impression matters you know that either it’s a job interview, workplace or you’re going for a date your first action matters.

Why not you put some efforts to make your first impression the last one, the tips i’m going to tell you i think so you don’t need efforts in that you can flaunt it without any efforts

Follow this simple tips to make a killer first impression

Dress to impress

Yes, clothes matters a lot how? for example you have to go for an interview and you are wearing some old-fashioned suit and formal shirt and you reach there you see everyone well dressed up what feeling you will get? obviously you will feel low in confidence because everyone there is well dressed up you will start thinking that people here are so well tied up, no one will give a look at me.

As your confidence shuts down what you think will you be able to give your best shot into interview room?

That’s the reason no matter where you go dress to impress, ones you will where a good cleaned clothes you will automatically feel proud.

Always remember one thing, When people see something good they tell it to few people and when they see something bad they spread that talk all over the town.

So every time give your best shot.

Also the way you speak is also important so do check how to speak like a gentlemen

Body gesture

Think someone is standing in front of you with his no interest face, back little bend and shoulders dull what will be your reaction?

Most of people will never try to communicate with him because they already know he will show no interest in talking with them in return he will make them board too.

Always walk like you have done something great, shoulders out, back straight and little smile this body gesture is one of the charming gesture.

People will also love to talk to you or if they see you they will get the idea this man looks charming and also has a good confidence level


Everybody loves to hear compliments so why don’t we give others good compliment so they feel good for themself and have a good impression of yours that hey his nature is to good he never forget to compliment others.

Poeple love compliment either you give compliments about their shoes, hair, smile, dress or anything they will appreciate that.

For example, there is a woman well dressed in a party she is waiting that someone compliment her but no one has done it and there you go you be like hey you are looking damn good in this dress, after that moment her mind will be raised with rainbows she will be happy that you notice it.

There you gained your best impression.

Follow this amazing rules about how to make your first impression best and you will nailed it now matter where you go.

Let people give you compliments about your charming attitude.

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