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Zinc is very useful in our body and There are many zinc benefits.

It is must needed in our body for proper growth and it is very much useful for body maintenance, Healing wound, blood clothing and there are much more benefit !

Research shows that up to 45% of adults above 60 age can't complete their daily doses of zinc by their food, there are supplements for them to cover their daily intake.


This are the supplements to complete your daily doses.

Zinconia by Zuventis pharma is a tablet you can use.

If you are consuming tablets you should know how much to consume it and when to consume it for its good effects.

Consuming 40mg at night before bed Helps a lot to stop the estrogen growth in our body and it's help to raise the testosterone which helps in better muscle recovery.

It's very important for bodybuilders.

Zinc rich food

Basically diet is the best source.
Zinc rich foods are sea foods such as crabs, Prawns, lobsters, oysters and much more. Oyster provides 32mg and it's a 290% of men daily intake.

50mg intake work just as a dose of Anastrazole, a very expensive aromatase inhibitor used in breast cancers.

Bodybuilders who use steroids consume this to control the conversion and formation of testosterone and estrogen.

Dietary sources.

Dietary sources include raw milk, raw cheese, beans or yogurt.

It also can be difficult to fulfill intake through dietary sources because of the conventional farming method which includes chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Due to these chemicals the nutrients get deplete.

In many cases you also deplete nutrients by over cooking the food. Yes overcooking can deplete nutrients such as zinc.

Side effects.

If, you are consuming it through tablets make sure you consume only 40mg a day
Over consuming will lead to side effects such as it will absorb the other nutrients and minerals especially copper, and this will lead to nausea as side effect.

Make sure you take the all zinc benefits by consuming it in a sufficient amount in your daily diet through zinc rich food, if it is not available as much you want make sure you increase it through supplements both will work.

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