Working out but still not gaining any muscle?

Working out but still you are not gaining muscle? Start doing this.

There are many reason why you are not gaining muscle they are as follows

In fitness balance plays and major role, balance between everything.

If you are working out but not gaining muscle then there is no balance in these things.

Workout and diet.

You workout daily but from last 2 months you're doing the same exercise that's the big reason you are muscles have stop growing.

When we do some exercise our muscles tissues get ripped by the exercise and then we attempt that exercise again our tissues still get tear but if we keep doing that exercise our muscles will get habit of it and it will not respond to that exercise.

Either you have to go to much heavy if you want to attempt the same exercise you're doing.

The best one you can do is change the workout do some different exercise keep giving variation to your muscles.

When you change your exercise your muscles gets a different form of shock in the tissues and they get teared up easily and you feel much sore next day.

Keep a balance of workout by changing it weekly. Every week give different shock by giving different exercises to the same muscles and 100% they will grow.

Balance in diet.

You workout like a real beast in the gym you tear every single tissue in the muscles but you lack when its come to diet.

I know you eat too much amount of protein for your body but protein is not everything our body needs

Your diet must also have balance between protein carbs and fats.

When you wake up have a good Complex carbs food with some healthy fats.

Complex carbs such as oat meal, brown bread and healthy fats include almond, coconut oil, egg yolks.

After your breakfast have a meal for protein in which you can add Egg whites, Chicken, Soya chunks, Cottage cheese and any other protein source food you like.

In lunch eat a mix up of protein, carbs and fats foods such as white rice, brown rice, beans, boiled chicken, omelette, avocado and some veggies.

The important part is the post workout meal you have to give your muscles instant protein.

For instant protein you can have your protein shake after workout or some protein meal, make sure you eat some carbs and fats also.

At night you can end up with something light food such as salad and boiled chicken.

You can gain muscles fast if you will start tracking your calories. Make a fix amount of calories intake and full fill that need daily.

There are apps to track your daily calories by adding food names you eat make sure you have it.

Some people face problem such as they workout and they gain muscles but they are not losing fat.

The simple trick to lose fat is doing a calories deficit diet.

As mentioned above to count calories for fast muscle gain, same you have to do to lose fats, eat less calories and to keep that in mind you have to eat less calories  and count calories of foods which you're eating.

Maintain a balance if you are not gaining muscles

As mentioned above do both the things variation in workout and treating protein, crabs and fats equally.

You will surely start gaining muscles.

The one who is gaining muscles but not losing fats start your calories deficit diet and start counting your calories intake.

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