Which exercise is best for upper chest?

Which exercise is best for upper chest?

There are many exercise which is best for upper chest

Upper chest shows the real beauty of overall chest. In every gym you will se a guy with the best upper chest and you be thinking what's the secret for those pumped up chest.

I'am going to tell you the best dumbbell exercise for upper chest which will show you the best result.

Incline dumbbell press

Whenever you are going to hit chest start your workout with incline dumbbell press, doing incline dumbell press in the start will properly warm up your upper pecs. 

Dumbbell exercise helps a lot in breaking down the pectoral muscles of chest and slightly works for front deltoids

Make sure you adjust the bench on 30 degrees so you will get the right muscles hit

Front shoulders will get more pressure if you take the bench to much up. 

So make sure you set the bench on perfect angel

Incline barbell bench press

Doing Incline barbell bench press after dumbbell press is the best thing i prefer because your upper pecs are properly warmed up and bench press is a power movement so while doing a power movement it's important to do the warmup properly.

The best thing about this exercise is it's also hit the triceps muscles and you are already hitting the overall upper pecs.

Incline dumbbell fly

This exercise will help to hit the every single muscles of your upper chest by hitting the head of the pactoralis muscles. 

Its also involve your biceps, triceps, wrist and brachialis muscles.

Hit this exercise when your done doing all the press exercise 

Incline cable fly on bench

Get the bench in the middle of two cable machines so you can feel the pressure at the right muscles. 

It is as same as dumbbell flies but in cable you can squeeze the muscles properly and strecht it to as slow as you want

Do your movement slowly to give the extra tension in your muscle fibres

Cable crossover and incline push up combo

Cable crossover is one the best finisher for chest workout.

Always make sure you do the perfect form because doing heavy weight with wrong form will just give you injuries.

When you do your first set of cable crossover immediatly go and do incline push ups it will give you a great pump in your upper pecs.

  • This are the dumbbell exercise for upper chest which must be there in Your chest workout
  • Mostly people hate dumbbell exercise but they are the best for growth.
Make sure you do all this exercise for a better pump and growth

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