Whey protein with milk or water? biggest confusion | quick answer

What do you prefer whey protein with milk or water? OK let's break all the myths

whey protein in milk or water

Everyone has this confusion and fear inside them are they wasting there proteins by taking it into milk or water

Let me give you a quick answer for that no you're not.

Whey protein with milk or water works same. There is a myth that your muscles will not accept the protein if it's taken in water so always go for milk, the biggest bro science i have ever heard.

There is one more confusion whey protein with milk or water after workout.

The Fact is if you will mix your whey with milk your calories count will go up and also the protein absorption in milk is slow.

It's better you go for milk in the morning not after the workout because after workout your body needs quick protein which will get absorb easily.

If you hit the gym in the morning take your whey in milk as a pre-workout as breakfast meal with eggs a perfect pre-workout meal to kill the morning workout.

Go for water when you drink your whey as your post workout because after your workout your muscles need quick protein and whey into water gets absorb quickly and your muscles gets the quick protein.

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People who are on weight loss diet also have this confusion whey protein with milk or water for weight loss which one will be better.

If you will consume your whey in milk it will not cause any problem in your weight loss diet.

Just keep in mind for weight loss you have to go on a calories deficit diet and taking protein in milk means high calories so add your protein shake calories into your calories count too.

Some people don't count their protein shake calories and end up intaking more calories in the end of the day.

Also as mentioned above take your whey in water after workout for fast absorption

If you're always taking your whey into water no worries that means your calories from your supplement is not much.

Don’t only fully depend upon supplement diet is more important keep your diet well to get the insane results in your body.

People who don't take any supplement make sure you eat as per your daily needs of protein, carbs and fat.

I hope you got the answer you were searching.

Next time when a gym bro comes at you with his bro science about the topic whey protein with milk or water which will be better for you just listen to him and when he is done with his bro science give him a eye opening answer.

Water or milk which one do you prefer for your whey comment down below

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