Vegan foods high in protein to build muscle mass

Vegan foods high in protein to build pure muscle mass

Most of the people think there is no source of proteins in vegan food, that is absolutely wrong.

There are vegan foods high in protein which will help you in fulfiling your daily protien needs.

Many people who are vegan and have a well difine physique their main source of protein is through soy product and they follow a good high protein vegan diet.

Foods to add in your vegan diet are as follow


Soybean are high protein food among most of the vegan products.

You can easily boiled it and the protein content of the 100grams boiled soybean is 16grams of protien.

It is aslo a good source of fibre, it contains all the good fats. Most of vegan bodybuilders eat soyproducts as much they can to cover the amount of protein they need on daily basis.

Add this to cover your daily protein intake, make sure you eat 100grams only and cover protein requirement by other sources also.

Cottage cheese(paneer)

Cottage cheese is a dairy product and very rich protein food.

It's a good source of healthy fats and it has vitamin A, magnessium, vitamin B-12, Calcium.

Cottage cheese is a very good muscle building ingredient.


Chickpeas is a good source of protein, carbohydrate and fibres.

It also have the mineral which keeps the bones strongs and high amount of fibers which reduce the risk of diabetes, keeps the heart healthy by reducing the bad cholesterol in blood.

Boil and eat this in the morning to kickstart your day with a healthy breakfast.


Soya chunks is also very high in calories. It's a complete protein package.

You can also make tasty recipies.

Most of the vegan fitness icon add this to there diet just because in less quantity it gives to much of nutrients.

This are the vegan foods high in protein.

If you're a vegetarian and confused about what to eat add this food in your diet.

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