Lower back exercises to make them strong.

Lower back exercises to make them strong.

Why people ignore the lower back exercises and then complain about the pain when a unnecessary activity makes there lower back stiff.

Lower back exercises are mostly ignored but the fact is we should focus on our lower back muscles the most.

Why should we focus on lower back exercises?

Because our daily activities involves the lower back either we lift something heavy or do any other activity by training them there will be a less chances to get injured cause your body has the habit to involves those muscles.

Which exercise will make them strong? 

Here we go,


Deadlifts are the one the best exercise to make the lower back strong. The main muscles which is mostly used in deadlift are glutes, hamstrings and quads but it also involve the lower back muscles research has confirm that deadlifts are good for lower back. 

Make sure you do deadlifts with proper form and do not forget to wear the lifting belt.

Never ego lift when it's come to deadlift. 

Hyper extensions

The most avoided machine in the gym is hyper extensions. The people who ignore this machine have no idea how much helpful it can be to make lower back strong.

Make sure you do this exercise whenever you are training back do it at the end.

Make sure your back is straight and you go easy on it not to much fast or not to much slow.

You can hold a plate and do this exercise to add more tension in your lower back muscles.

Rack pull

Rack pull is quite same as deadlifts but here you are not letting the barbell go down to ground and you are not going much heavy on this exercise 

Set the bar at power rack and make sure you don't go below the knee with the bar. 


Superman exercise one of the easiest exercise you can perform for your lower back.

To do superman you have to lie down on a flat surface now raise both of your hands straight and same goes for legs straight your legs and only let your stomach to touch the ground. 

Now hold this position for atleast 20 seconds Do this 8 or 10times

It will help a lot for your lower back.

This are the lower back exercises to make them strong. Make sure you add this 4exercises in your back routine.

Comment down below more lower back exercises if you know. 

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