How to stay fit in your busy life?

To stay fit i will start working out from tomorrow but most of the time that tomorrow never comes Just because of the busy life you and me are living.

It feels like a challenge to hit the gym coming after work most of the time we get so motivated when we are on the way to home but as soon as we touch the couch the laziness strikes and we drop the plan.
Let me motivate you don’t think it’s impossible think how it can be possible?

I have come up with some ideas to make you stay fit in your busy life.

If you really want to bring a change in your life you have yo follow all the points with total discipline.

Here is the answer of how to get in shape when busy.

Set Goals and Stop making excuses

When you are 25 years old and looks like 30 with that belly coming out or facing health issues. Then it's time to get serious about yourself.

Just thinking of staying fit won't make you fit you have to work for it. You and me work for our bread and better but we forget to work for our body.

If you want to stay fit then be serious towards your fitness plans, make schedule for your nap time, eating time and exercise time. I know you can you will i believe in you.

Sleep on time and wake up early

To be fit you have to sleep on time don't compromise it for unnecessary things, go to bed early and sleep for at least 7 hours.

When we sleep our body do all the functioning like digesting food, Repairing muscles, brightening the mood and much more. The healing power of sleep is very powerful.

Intense workout

To stay fit it's not compulsory that you must go to gym, you can do a intense workout at home. Just wake up early have your black coffee for some adrenaline rush and do push ups, burpees, squats, lunges, abs, pull ups and much more.

Make sure your workout is intense and adding extra repetition to your set is always a good idea, keep pushing your limit

If you have recently joined the gym and you have no idea about your fitness plans than here is Tips for you.

Meal plans

For a healthy lifestyle it's important to eat good food but it's also not about eating all day clean there should be a balance between diet food and cheat meals.

Also remember when you crave for a pizza you eat the large one because you only live once but also remember the very next day your workout should be more intense and you should burn more calories.

Daily activities

Your daily activities also can help you to stay fit yes just don't take the lift for 4th or 5th floor take the stairs

If you take your car to gym just to run on a treadmill and do cycling better you avoid that and take your cycle to the gym and in the gym go for compound exercise like squats, bench press, deadlift, military press and much more

Go by walking to cover 20 mins distance give your car or bike a rest and make efforts for yourself to stay fit.

  1. This is the simple and very easy way to stay fit in your busy life.
  2. Make sure you add this points in your daily life and make it a habit on a daily basis to see yourself fit and healthy.
  3. Do share with your loved ones if they also wants to be fit but are stuck in there busy life.

Comment down below your problem due to which you can’t workout i will surely help you by answering it.

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