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Speak like a gentlemen with anyone make them impress with your talks.

Speak like a gentlemen

One thing that everyone will appreciate in you is the way you talk, how gentle your talks are, either you're in a interview or meeting someone for first time they will obviously notice how well you're when it's comes to talking.

Giving your best shot every time matters a lot so if you don't have the idea about how you can speak like a gentlemen with anyone, no problem because i have come up with few do's and don't for you which will help you a lot.

Say Thank you

Thank you for reading till now. When you thanks somebody for anything whether it can be for small thing or big say thanks to them it shows how much you respect their efforts.

Add please in your sentence

When you're asking for something add please in it like hey please can you share this article with your friends it will be a great help. And if you don't say it then it's sounds like a order that you're trying to give orders to them and he will surely refuse to do that thing.

Don't use filler words.

How you feel when the person with whom you're talking says ahh, hmmm, ohhh, yaaaaa it's so annoying god damn it sounds like he is trying to escape the conversation.

If you don't like it neither use it for others they too will feel same, they will have a specific mindsets for you that you're not good at talking.

Don't interrupt

Imagine you're talking with your friend and whenever you are trying to speak he interrupts in between and starts talking, this process goes on and the conversation comes to an end but you didn't get the chance to speak anything.

The moment he will go you will surely not like his behaviour. That's the first thing a smart person avoids the most interrupting in between.

No gossips.

Gossiping no, never, avoid it, don't do it cause it really puts a bad impression.

A real gentleman will never gossip about things with anyone i repeat never.

Mind your own business one of the best thing you can do and people will love you for that.

Don't judge anyone

No matter what don't judge anyone with their looks, body, weight,height or anything and this point is for everyone cause we don't know what' the person is facing in his/her life and your one comment can broke them into pieces. So never judge anyone.

When you pass a bad comment for a person for their physical appearance or anything the person with whom you're talking will automatically loose all the respect for you and he will not stop there he will say that to 5 others that this person passes bad comments to others and there you go a bad reputation of yours have been build up.

Compliment others

Compliment others everyone loved it and they will remember that you're too good in complimenting, you are such a nice person.

The best time to give a compliment is at the start as you meet say it hey nice shoes it suits you a lot damn they will be so happy that you notice them, it's upon you either you love their dress, suit, watch it can be anything.

Here are the top 7 do's and don't.

keep them in mind and practice them so the next time when you will meet someone it's obvious you will speak like a gentlemen.

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