How to gain weight in one month? | 5 weight gain hacks- The husky you

Gain weight in one month very easily by following simple tips and tricks.

Gain weight in one moneth

People often ask me such question is gaining weight is easy my answer to them is always yes. But you have to add some efforts and the result will be amazing.

If you eat a lot but then to you're not getting any results no problem i have also covered that problem for you.

I'm going to give you some eating advices & diet plan to gain weight in 1 month.

Here are some tips & tricks.

Split your meals

By Splitting your meals i mean you should avoid eating in bulk.

Try to eat 6 to 7 meals a day. for example in morning if you eat 1 bowl of oats and eggs together then avoid that and go for 1 bowl oatmeal at 7am and after a gap of 1 hour eat eggs.

Like this split your whole day eating habits it is very helpful in increasing the metabolism rate.

Right now go and hand a book and split up your whole day eating routine.

Heavy Workout

Eating good and working out heavy will surely make you muscular.

Do heavy workouts it helps to tear up more tissues in the gym and then recover at home.

Compound exercises are the best, compound moments hits the big muscles and also use more than one muscles at a time. Bench press, military press, squats, deadlift are the some compound moments.

Eat good and lift heavy the old school and still trendy technique.

Eat more carbs.

Eat more carbohydrate foods. carbs are used in our body for producing energy. When we perform any exercise our body needs energy so our body get the energy from the carbohydrate stored in our body by converting them into glucose.

The more carbs you eat the more energy you get to lift those heavy weights and carbs also help in muscle building.

Use bowl

Avoid eating in plates cause you can't figure out how much you're eating either the food in plate is less or more it can't be measure.

Start using bowl you can easily get to know about how much amount of food you eat daily and you can increase the bowl size when you want to gain more.

Count your calories.

Set a goal that you will eat this much amount of calories in a day and count every food calories you eat.

There is a app called healthifyme which helps in counting the calories you can use that app and its for free

3100 calories a day will be the best to see results fast.

Diet plan

  • Morning : 1 bowl of oats  
  • After 1 hour 5 boiled eggs and almonds.
  • For vegan: In the exchange of eggs you can add avocado, broccoli or cottage cheese.
  • Lunch : 50 gram boiled chicken, 1 bowl white rice, 1 bowl any veggies.
  • For vegan: In the exchange of chicken you can eat 1 bowl sprouts, chickpeas, soy chunks or beans anything you can choose
  • After 1 or 2 hours eat sweet potatoes, cottage cheese or bananas whatever you want.
  • Evening: if you take supplement you can drink it or else one glass of milk
  • dinner: 50 gram boiled chicken and one plate salad.
  • For vegan: Any Kind of beans and one plate salad.

This is simple weight gain diet which anyone can follow easily you can add your extra meals, i have just given you and idea about how to split your meals for whole day.

Follow all the points properly you will  surely gain weight in one month. I'm sure the result will be amazing.

If you have any question related to weight gain comment down below.   

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