How to be creative in any Field | 4th point is important

Be creative and you will achieve great things in life.

Be creative in everything

Coming straight to the point everyone's creative from inside yes you and me have great innovative mind which can achieve anything in this world.

It depends upon person to person how they treat their mind on a daily basis, our mind is like a plant if you want a plant to give you flowers first you have to feed it with good amount of water not less and not more.

Feed your brain properly daily and it will help you in thinking more creatively when you want. This is how you should treat your mind.

Challenge yourself

We all are in the box called comfort zone and we are the king of that particular area we know everything about it but what will happen if something new comes which is out of the box but obvious we will get confused like what’s happening i was not ready for that, life is so unfair you will not have any idea what is coming towards you it's your job to stay alert and prepared all the time.

So before something new comes, challenge yourself to do something new if you have a habit of waking up late from tomorrow start waking up early, if you’re lazy to do anything start working, when you do this you start thinking out of the box you will learn new things you will start doing research in that process your creativity will start building up.

Keep changing your ways

Many people have goals in their life and a plan to reach towards that goal but the plan get failed then many people give up and gets a new goal in life, you should always remember one thing only a fool expects everything to go the way he wants. The smart people are always ready to face challenges and if they fail they will not change their end goal they will change there plan to achieve it they will rebuild their ways to reach to the point they want.

In that situation of life they automatically adapt the habit of thinking innovatively. The point is change your way not your destiny.

Take rest

I have seen people working continuously for month that’s good your hard work will surely pay off but i have also seen people taking wrong decision, getting disturbed, stressed why? because they are not giving rest to their mind, body and soul.

The time you will give rest to yourself you will be calm for days and that is called refueling yourself. What will happen if you continuously keep on driving your car for hours the engine will heat up and it may not perform so well so it’s necessary to keep the engine cool when needed. That’s how our body also works.

Those rest day will help you to think more strongly when you get back to your grind.

Set daily goals

There 60,000 thoughts in your mind some are positive and some negative it’s upon your will power to choose the right thought, the hack to choose the right thought is daily goals

Take a book and write down your daily goals in it what you’re going to do the whole day, doing this your mind will get a signal that these thoughts are far more important than other 59,999 ones.

That’s how your mind will start focusing on one thing and being more creative and focus in that.

Read books

Read books of the great authors who have come from zero to infinity.

Reading the right book is very important because it will give you strategies for success, it will make you think more openly.

The book will show you how great things you can do in your life by your abilities.

How it can be possible?

Small mind say it’s not possible and great mind says how it can be possible i want to know i will make it possible.

Right now grab a book and write down those things which you want to do but you think is impossible for you to do it due to some reason, as you done writing now think about it how this thing can be possible find a way write it down apply it if you get succed good if not then write the another way and apply that also.

  • Keep finding a way giving up is never a option make proper use of your brain cause it’s the most powerful thing in the world.

  • This all are the positive mindsets to be creative in any field of life no matter what situation you’re in if you will try you will find a way.

Many people have this question in mind when they start their business, how to be creative in business, my product is not doing well what should i do? Apply this things in your thought process you will get your answer.

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