How to avoid injuries in the gym?

Act smart and avoid injuries in the gym

Injuries are part of gym life but how good it would be if we give our 100% to avoid them.

I know sometimes it happens accidentally but most of the time the main reason is ego lifting

Yes be smart and avoid getting injured unnecessarily.

Ways to avoid injuries in the gym.

Warm Up properly

You are full jacked up you hit the gym, Headphones on you add plates on the barbell and start your workout and it's sure you will end up Gifting yourself some injuries don't be that guy.

Be smart and warm up properly, when you warm up by doing some push ups, pull ups, and core exercises you prevent a blood flow rush in your body which makes you ready for the heavy exercise you are about to do.

Always do proper warm up before you go heavy.


Stretch your muscles before you workout so your muscles get flexible and a proper blood flow.

When you don't stretch your muscles are stiff and not ready to work through stretching your muscles will get a signal that some activity is going to happen be ready. It's all about mind to muscle connection.

Stretch during your workout so you get more blood flow in your muscles and a good pump during your workout.

Aslo stretch after your heavy intense workout, this will help in reducing the soreness next day and there will be no stiffness in muscles.

Stay hydrated

When your body is dehydrated, chances of getting cramps get high due to dryness in muscles.

People think drinking water when working out is not good but that's absolutely wrong statement.

Working out with dehydrated body is not good. Chance of getting muscle pulled is high in which muscles get overstretched which leads to tear in muscle.

Never ego lift

Don't be that dude in the gym who just lift heavy to show off and one day ends up getting crushed in his own ego badly.

Push your limits but don't extra over push it which will give you injuries in reward, if you can lift a 10 kgs dumbbell easily for 12 reps then go for 12 kgs dumbbell don't directly go for 20kgs.

Ego lifting will never make you gain anything it will only harm you.

Make sure you follow this points too

  1. Warm Up your shoulders properly, it’s always a good idea to increase the flow around the rotator cuffs
  2. Make your lower back strong
  3. Make your core strong by doing compound exercises like deadlift and squats.
  4. Always stretch after your workout, you will be less sore the next day.
  5. keep your body well hydrated
  6. Ego lifting will never make you any gains but surely it will destroy you.

Always have a good workout give your 100% to keep yourself away from injuries because lying in bed for months is not a good option. Make sure you remember all this point and be smart to avoid injuries in the gym.

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