How many reps to build muscle? Perfect Reps to build mass.

The day you started lifting this question will be the first which brainstormed you, how many reps to build muscles?

No worries you will meet lots of gym bros who will advice you 50 to 100 of reps for muscle building just don't listen them.

The real answer is,

If you want to build muscles the perfect rape range for muscle gain is 8 to 12 reps

Rest duration should be 30 to 45seconds

Now the question is either to go heavy or go light?

Going heavy on weights and performing 8 to 12 reps will perfectly give a muscles breakdown.

  • Your workout should be 70%
  • Compound moments and 30% isolation moment
  • Compound exercises are those exercises which hits more than one muscles.
  • squats, deadlifts, benchpress, military press are the good example of compound exercise
  • Isolation exercises are those exercises which only hit one muscle at a time
  • dumbbell curl, Front raise, triceps pushdown and there are many isolation exercises.

When you do a compound moment your small muscles also gets trained for example when you do your back workout your 70% biceps get worked so you just have to do the biceps curls, extension, cross barbell, hammer and more isolation workouts for your biceps

How many sets?

3 sets or 4 sets is good enough

On 1 set total reps should be 12. Make sure you don't struggle doing those 12 reps.

On 2nd set you have to add weights on which you can do 9 to 11 reps

On 3rd set add weights and go for 8reps.

If you want to do the 4th set just remove the plates which you added on your 3rd set and go for 9reps

It is called drop set which helps in tearing muscles more easily.

For building strength 1 to 6 reps are enough.

Here you have to go more heavy cause you want to build strength

Total 3sets

1 set go heavy for full 6reps.

2nd set go for 4reps and don't forget to add weights

3rd set you can do 2 or 3reps and if you're going more heavy then go for 1rep max.

Rest duration will be 2 to 3mins cause your muscle burns more ATP when you go to much heavy.

It's sure that your strength will going to improve day by day.

If your goal is to build muscles and strength both, the simple thing you can do is.

  • 1week muscle building program.
  • 2nd week strength building program.

You will surely see great results.

I think so you got the answer for how many reps to build muscles and also you got the idea about rep range for strength.

Still you have any questions you can comment down below.

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