What is good fats and bad fats? | Fats are healthy?

What is good fats and bad fats? | Fats are healthy?

What is good fats and bad fats?

There will be people advising you don't eat food which has fats it's not good for your body and health.

There are people like me who will say you should eat them they are really healthy and important for your body.

The only difference is the people who will stop you from eating will never explain it why you should stop? I will serve you information on your table which will make you eat them.

Lets start the serving

Eat fat and burn fat it is as simple, fats are good for health but not all.

There are 3 sources of fats,

Saturated fats

unsaturated fats

trans fats

Are Saturated fats bad?

No they are the good one.

It is a thermogenic food thermogenic means it's raises body core temperature and metabolism rate which means better fat loss.

Testosterone plays an important role in muscle-building so it should be high, saturated fats and cholesterol plays a major role in increasing testosterone. 

Basically it's a anabolic steroid hormone inside our body which helps in muscle build and burning fat.

It's a bad myth that cholesterol are bad for heart. Cholesterol and fats are not the evil but high sugar is! 

The truth is pharmaceutical company defame fats and cholesterol but they hide sugar as to boost diabetes, bp and many other heart problems for medicines sales.

Unsaturated fats

This fat is good for health? Yes it is, this one is the healthy fat it keeps the balance between high density lipids(good cholesterol) and low density lipids(bad cholesterol) unsaturated fats are primarily found in plants, vegetable oil, seed and nuts

Unsaturated fat is of two types

  1. Monounsaturated fats
  2.  Polyunsaturated fats

Monounsaturated fats are found in whole milk products, nuts, whole grain wheat, olives, sunflower oil, peanuts oils, almond, avocados and many more.

Polyunsaturated fats are found in walnuts, fish, soybean, corns, peanut butter and many more.

Trans fat

This fat is good for health? No never it is not, this is the only fat you have to avoid consuming because of this fat you will face heart diseases.

when you deep fry something on high temperature for a long time it becomes trans. When you fry something make sure you won't fry it for a long time.

Sometimes it's fine to eat fried foods because we only live once, life is not a curse to eat boil food all the time but make sure you have control in your diet.

If you want to build muscles you have to eat fats but the healthy one, without cholesterol and fats you will not build any muscles.

low testosterone no muscle gains. Make sure you eat healthy fats on daily basis because fats are good for health.

  • This all are the very important information you should know to set up your diet plan.
  • Next time In your diet don't forget to add good fats and bad fats must avoided

Thank you for giving your time.

If you find it valuable share it with your friends and i will be coming up with more fitness topics and myths.

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