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Fitness Tips for beginners

Fitness is important in daily life, everybody wants to be fit or wants a good physique but the problem is many people don’t know which steps to follow to achieve their fitness goals.

They follow the wrong steps and end up achieving nothing then they give up on their goals.

The very first important thing you should know is don’t change your goals when you fail just change the steps to reached that goal and you will find the right road.

To give your fitness journey a kickstart i have come up with few tips which will help you a lot

This are some fitness tips for beginners

It's all about mindset

Yes mindset is everything it is important and every olympian was once a beginner, because The point is you have to set your fitness goals giving up is not an option.

Whatever your goal is to gain muscle to lose fat or just to stay fit you have to do it with full efforts.

Keep yourself so motivated that even if your body is sore you will not skip the gym next day.

Get the perfect trainer for you who will train you and motivate you as well or get yourself an experience workout partner who will make you push your limits.

Compound movements

Compound exercise works every time, it is a multi joint movements that includes work of several muscles in one time.

In simple words compound movements hits multiple muscles at a time. Deadlift is a compound exercise, in deadlift your lower back, calves, hamstring, biceps, traps gets worked.

It is a source to build muscle and to build strength at the same time.

Don't go much heavy you must start  from lifting  light weights and then slowly increase the weights, when you feel like your strength is increasing than make sure you go little more heavy than before.

Never ego lift

You and me we all want to build big muscles to look best in the crowd to lift heavy weights like the aesthetic guy in the gym or to compete others in lifting heavy.

My personal advice is never do that this thing will push you in trouble, you will go heavy just to proof you are strong like others and there you go an instant injury just because of that ego lift.

Push your limits but never add your ego into it. keep your ego aside as you enter the gym.

Warmup properly

Warming up is very important by warmup you pass a signal to the muscles that you are going to do some activity, it increases intensity, joint mobility and prepare you for further exercise by making you physically and mentally active.

In between your workout Stretch your muscle it increase the blood flow and gives a good pump.

good stretching result into good flexibility, muscle control and range of motion. Make sure you do stretching after you finished your workout this will bring you to normal posture and your body will be relaxed.

If you don't stretch after your workout you will feel the extra soreness next day and soon your body will be stiffed and tight which is not good.
Meal plans
 People always get confused when it comes to meal plans. What to eat and what to not?

One scientific answer is eat everything but in a balance, now how will you make balance in your diet it is as simple. You have to intake protein 1.2 grams per kg of body weight is sufficient. Now how much carbohydrate per day, most of the people think eating carbs will make them fat that is completely wrong. Carbohydrate gives you energy while you are working out by breaking into small sugars(glucose, fructose and galactose)

If your aim is to gain weight than 200 to 220 grams carbohydrate per day is sufficient, if you want to lose weight than 80 to 100 grams per day is sufficient depending upon your weight.

Make sure the fats you are taking are the good fats and not the bad fats which will cause trouble, the good fats source are avocado, nuts, cheese, extra virgin olive oil, peanut butter and there are more from which you can intake good fats.
Wait for results
Every one who has a good physique has worked hard all day and was patient at same time, they all have given the time, efforts and dedication towards their dream.

To all the people who are grinding hard one day you will surely achieve your goals.

This all are the fitness tips for beginners

  1.   Mindset is everything
  2. compound movements to grow fast
  3.  Never lift to satisfy your ego
  4. Warming up is very important
  5. Make your meal plans
  6. Be calm and keep grinding results will be great.

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