Do this exercise and build bigger shoulders-Thehuskyyou

If you want a perfect upper body build bigger shoulder. It makes your upper body look broad.

Either you Wear a T-shirt, shirt or Tank top your shoulders are always going to be flaunt.

The very first thing a person notice in you is your shoulders. Make sure you have the perfect round shoulders.

If not then start working on it. Let me help you and make your work more easy.

I have come up with massive shoulder

Epic Warm Up set

Warming up before your workout is really important it's make your blood flow fast and gives your muscles signal to be ready.

Take a lightweight dumbbell let’s take 5 pounds dumbbell i know it’s too light for you but soon you will feel like you are holding a 15 pounds dumbbell if you do this exercise.

6 sets of front raises for 25 reps. Perfect warm up set to make your shoulder ready for further sets and by doing this you will have a great pump.

  • When you train your chest or back your shoulder middle head involves a lot. 
  • That's the reason shoulder muscles don’t easily activate when you do your shoulder exercise 
  • You have to do 6 or 7 sets of exercise to activate the shoulder muscles 
  • Doing This 6 sets will help in getting middle head warmed up properly

Military press

Once you are done with your warm up set, your muscles are ready for heavy sets.

Military press is the best compound exercise  which helps to build muscles fast and break more fibres then other exercise do.

4 sets of 12 reps is perfect

This exercise helps to activate the shoulders perfectly.

Between your sets don’t forget to flex it will not only make your blood flow fast but also help in bringing roundness in muscles

Side lateral and barbell front raise

Do the side lateral with a light 10 pounds dumbbell The reason i am suggesting a lightweight dumbbell is you can keep up with a good form and don’t end up with injuries.

You can raise both hands together or one by one all you have to do is 12 reps of each hand, as you finished your 1st set.

Go and take medium size barbell and do the front raise.

Your shoulder muscles will be in tension for longer time so as you finished the set flex your shoulder squeeze the shoulders perfectly by doing perfect flex.

Flexing will also help in making your blood flow fast which will give you better pump

Dumbbell    Barbell
15 reps       12 reps
2nd set
12 reps       10 reps
3rd set
10 reps       8 reps

Arnold dumbbell press

The name only holds a legendary name just like the name the exercise is also too effective

Arnold press is highly effective for deltoids muscles if performed properly

To feel the pressure properly make sure your range of motion should be little slow to feel the burn and the squeeze in the deltoid muscles

Dumbbell front raise

Dumbbell is one of the best equipment for shoulders and front raise is the master to grow your front deltoids Don't swing your back while performing it take light weights and perfect form

This are the workout to build bigger shoulders do it with perfect range of motion and don’t forget to flex in between of your sets it will give you a insane pump and roundness in your muscles

Hope i have clear your doubt that how to build massive shoulders

Just simply add this workouts in your routine it will help you alot.

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