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Easy home workouts to build muscles

Going to gym is a big deal for you no problem i have come up with home workouts to build muscles easily.

This home workouts to build muscles is easy to do but you have to do efforts to motivate your self and start working out.

Working out at home is a great thing because once you get to see result people start talking about your change in body so you get motivated to go the gym to get more results

This are the home workouts to build muscles 

Push ups

Push ups are one of the basic workout which is mostly ignored by many but it's a best workout to activate your chest,shoulders, triceps and core muscles

If you have never done push ups and you just started and able to do only few no problem keep on going you will surely see increase in strength in you 

Slowly slowly you will end up doing 50 or 100 push ups easily and you will see your shoulders getting broad chest getting in shape and your triceps pumped up so good

Try to do different variations of push ups such as incline push ups, decline push ups, knuckles push ups and much more.

Pull ups

It is not compulsary to have a pull up bar at your home you gets a free pull up bar at your nearest garden go there and do pull ups both wide pull ups for V Tapper back and close pull ups for biceps

Wide pull ups are not easy to do so keep on pushing your self because wide pull ups are one of the best exercise for V shape back

Close pull ups hit the biceps if you don't have dumbbells at your home you can easily do pull ups to hit the biceps 

Diamond dips

Diamond dips are difficult to do but it's one of the best exercise to hit those triceps muscles easily 

Make sure you do the form correctly or else you will end up injuring your elbows that we have to avoid 

Your all over triceps muscles will get worked so don't skip this workout


Squats one of the best exercise for legs, squats include overall muscles of legs 

Do 30 to 50 squats daily and try to increase the repitation weekly. Make sure You do deep squats or else you can go parallel to the ground but never cheat the form doing half squats it will not give you any muscle breakdown

Calve raises

Calves muscles are mostly ignored either you go to gym or not but it should be trained

You can do seated calve raises at home easily 50 to 60 reps daily


Abs workout to make your core strong, a strong core is all you need 

Do different types of crunches for overall abdominal area, side crunches, plank, leg raises and much more

15mins abs workout is enough to make the core strong

  • This are the best home workouts to build muscles
  • Make sure you also have a good meal plan with  you so your muscles get repair faster
  • This workout will not make you swole like a bodybuilder but surely make you fit enough
  • If your goal is to build muscles by working out at home than this is the best home workouts to build muscles
I will be coming up with more fitness tips and trick so do follow and stay updated

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