Do this if your legs don't grow

Do this if your legs don't grow 

In my entire fitness journey one question was asked number of times my legs don't grow what should i do? They say i do 500lbs leg press but still i can't see any growth in my legs

The question is why your legs don't grow? Some people say they have bad genetics that's the reason there legs don't grow. Some get tired of seeing no change in them so they quit working out legs.

My answer is give your legs muscles a another level variation. So what variations we should do? let me tell you.

8 sets of squat 

First properly do your warmup set and then go to the barbell add some plates and start with your first set going light For 15reps. Make sure  your form is right and the perfect form is ass to the grass. do deep squats for perfectly breakdown of muscles.

Keep on adding plates set by set and make sure your reps are getting low due to going heavy

Total 8sets of squats and your last set should be of 2 to 4reps

This will help your quads muscles to breakdown properly and it will increase your strength too.

Leg extensions and lunges 

This one is a superset of leg extensions and lunges

First go and take the normal weight dumbbell and place it on side of leg extension and start doing leg extension for 12 reps then take the dumbbell and start doing your lunges

As you finish your lunges stretch your quads and hamstring properly

After done with stretching again go for leg extension and then lunges. Do 3sets of both the exercise and don't forget to stretch after your each set

This will help to increase tension in your quads muscles and hamstring both and stretching will help to increase blood flow which will give your legs a good pump

Leg curls and Hamstring pull 

This variation is for hamstring. Set your barbell add some weight i will prefer to add around 25lbs plate each side and Go and do your leg curls on machine for 12reps and then come to the barbell and do the hamstring pull

On hamstring pull don't take the barbell to the ground. You have to just took the barbell lil down from the knees and pull it upwards. So your hams get the proper pressure

This exercise is very helpful  for hamstring growth.


The last thing you should always remember before leaving the gym is stretching. Just don't walk out of the gym without stretching  your legs.

If you don't stretch  after your workout  your muscles will get stiffed no flexibility will be there in your muscles.

There is one more advantage of stretching  you will feel less soreness in your legs the next day.

Post workout meal 

Post workout meal is very important because your muscles has used the glycogen in your body for energy. So in post workout meal make sure you eat good amount of carbs and protein meal.

You can also take protein supplement to fulfil the protein need after your workout and one advantage of protien supplement is it gets digested easily and not so time consuming.

     This are the important points you have to follow if your legs don't grow. This variations and perfect meal time will surely make your legs grow.

If your legs don't grow don't just give up and stop training them. Find out the reason and work on it. 

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