4 Best Post Workout supplement

4 Best Post Workout supplement

post Workout supplement are essential need for you and me to complete our dosage of protein after workout.

By our diet we can't complete our protein need because of the busy life you and me are living, so supplement do half of the fulfillment of nutrients.

The main question raised by many is what to take as a post workout supplement

Here are the 4 best post workout supplement

Whey protein

Whey protein is the best we should take after the workout.

When we exercise our muscles get tear so we need a quick protein intake in our body to repair those muscles tissue and gain size in them, if you will not fuel the muscles after your workout there will be no sense in working out insane in the gym

So as we finish our workout, the very first workout supplement we should take is whey protein for quick repairing of muscles.


Creatine is one of the best supplement to increase energy.

Creatine works as a energy supplier to our muscles as we use most of the ATP energy from our muscles in the gym during workout

Creatine helps to increase those ATP energy by fueling our muscles during high intensity workout.


Branch chain amino acid we get from food such as chicken, eggs, beans, nuts and soy protein and also comes in supplements.

Bcaa are in three form leucine, isoleucine and valine it helps to speed up the muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness and suppress muscle damage.

So if u can't eat enough Bcaa source food you can also take it through Bcaa Supplement.

Carb blend

Carb blend is one the best supplement to give your body good amount of carbs after your workout, it gives a good insulin spike, which helps in new muscles synthesis.

You can also use carb blend as a pre-workout to create good amount of glycogen during your workout.

This are the 4 best post workout supplement which will help you to grow bigger and better muscles and make sure you always take your post workout supplements or post workout meals.

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