Best 4 workouts for calves | make them grow

Make your calves grow by doing One of the Best Workouts for calves

You have a huge quads and your hamstrings are just unbelievable but coming down to your calves like it's not growing or something or you don't train them? If you don't want to hear this questions then start doing this workouts for calves which will give you and amazing shape and size

  • This exercise is for all who want to grow there calves. Either you are skinny building calves muscles on skinny legs is possible there is not such thing that you can't build calves on skinny legs
  • One thing you just have to remember is train them 3 times a week and remember this 4 workouts that you will be doing.

Donkey calves raise

Find a platform and a barbell for support. Place your foot on it now take your heels out of the platform and bend towards the barbell and hold it.

Raise yourself up as much as possible get a good stretch  on your calves now go down same as much as you can and get a stretch so your calves get ready and warmed up properly.

  • Total sets:- 4 
  • Repetition:- 12 to 15 
  • Rest time:- 30secs

Seated calves raise 

Don't add to much plates on the machine while doing seated calves raise. Just add a 45 pounds plates on the machine.

Raise your calves up and slowly come down feel the pressure on your calves.

Aim of this exercise is to strengthen calves muscles and build them. So we have to train the whole calves muscles.

To do that We have to let our feet angle in and do the exercise. Then put your feet angle out and do the exercise.

  • Total sets:- 3
  • Repetition: Staright angel 10reps, inside angel 10reps, outside angel 10reps
  • Rest time:- 45secs

  • Points:- strecth or shake your muscles at the time you rest 
  • It will help to increase the blood flow and you will get good pump.

Standing calves raise.

This exercise is One of the simple exercise. You just have to stand and raise your calves up and then down.

You can hold a dumbbell or plate in your hand and then perform this exercise.

You can do this calves exercise at home also 

  • Total sets:- 4 
  • Repetiton:- 20reps 
  • Rest time:- 30secs 

Farmer's walk on toes.
Grab a dumbbell and get your heels up and start walking Straight 30 or 40 feet 

Just grab the dumbbell tightly 

Keep your chest up and look straight towards the destination you have to reach.

  1. Perform this 4 workouts for calves to make them grow and wear your summer shorts and flaunt the huge calves and let people question you, how did you build them?
  2. Womens also can perform this great workout.

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