Bad morning routine you should avoid-Thehuskyyou.

Are you following the bad morning routine lets check out.

As you wake up the things you did in the morning determines your whole day is it going to be good or bad.

A good and healthy routine will always kick start your day and will keep your mood in a good shape all day long

You will be chilled and happy in the morning, afternoon and night too if you start your day with doing right things like a gentleman.

A bad morning routine will definitely ruin your whole day by keeping your mood down you will be kind off sad or angry or else you will be willing to stay alone.

Let's looked at the things you should avoid in the morning to keep your day good.

Waking up late.

Wake up late and you will lose the valuable 3 to 4 hours of your day which you can use for your work, reading or some other things.

Waking up early is one the best habit which will change your life completely.

You get the extra hours to do some work, successful people woke up early and complete their extra work in the morning or else they invest that time in self development by reading books.

If you're wasting your valuable time in sleeping for extra hours, keep in mind sleeping will not bring you success.

No Exercise or stretching.

Some people just wake up with a bad mood a normal exercise can boost their mood into another level

By Doing exercise I'm not saying to hit the gym early. Just does some normal push-ups and squats or else stretching for a better blood circulation.

Going for walk, running and cycling is also a better option.

Instantly checking phone.

One of the worst habit in the morning is to checking your phone instantly and using social media for hour and hours.

When you use social media in the morning as you woke up you went through all the negativity, sadness which people post and start your day with negativity is the very first thing you should avoid.

The time you wake up don't use your phone for 1 hour and invest that time in some valuable things.

Not taking care of your face.

Wash your face properly clean all the dirt and keep your face oil free.

Oily face makes your face dull and it also lower your confidence when you see yourself in the mirror.

Clean your face with a good face wash which actually helps in removing oil from your face.

Skipping breakfast.

I have seen many people who skips their breakfast and go for lunch in the afternoon.

Your body will be energy less if you don't have your breakfast and it should be good breakfast with sufficient amount of proteins and carbs so you can kick start your day.

If you feel lazy to make your breakfast early morning or you don't have time you just rush for your work I have a quick solution for it.

At night when you sleep cook your breakfast for tomorrow when you will wake up in the morning just had it you will save a lot of time.

Outfit of the day.

Do you get confused when its come to select a outfit for the day?

Here is the quick solution.

Select your outfit at night for tomorrow so you will not make a mess in the morning just thinking what to wear and then wasting time in clearing the mess.

Hope you will change your morning routine and make it better if it is not.

This all is just simple habits that you can easily adapt in your life.

  • Waking up early so you can finish work
  • Exercise to kick start your day
  • No social media for 1 hour
  • Clearing the oily face
  • Never skip your breakfast
  • Select outfit at night and save time in the morning

What's your morning daily routine?comment down below.

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