Try this workout when on holidays-Always stay fit

Don't miss your workout when on holidays try your best to stay fit all time.

You and me work so hard in our life for our bread and butter. During weekends going out for vacation is all we needed to be stress free.

It's a common thing that we miss our workout when on holidays like nobody wants to workout on there vacations.

The real trouble comes when the weekend is over you go back to your daily schedule and you feel lazy and strength less your mind just scream don't go to the gym just rest at home.

How to kill that laziness? Just do this simple workouts.

This are the workout you must do when on holidays

Push ups

Yes you are right i know it's your warm up s)et but doing 50 or 100 push ups will help your chest, triceps and shoulders to be active.

As you wake up start with push ups divide the set as you want but Complete your set if your goal is 50 push up do it or 100 just do it.

Your chest, shoulders and triceps will get a good pump and they will be active so there will be no muscle loss.

1) Don't spread your hands much.
2) Keep your back straight and hips little up
3) Don't cheat the form by doing half pushups.


Suryanamaskar basically is an old form of workout. The old wrestler used to do it.

To keep there Lats, Traps, Shoulders strong, yes this are the muscles which gets activated.

50 to 100 repetition of this workout will give you a good pump.

1) Don't just go for doing 100 at one time
2) Divide your sets
3) Take proper 30seconds rest

Triceps dips

Most of the time we use this exercise in our super set of triceps.

This exercise not only hit those triceps muscles but also the pectoralis major which is a chest muscle.

Here we are going to do 4sets of 25reps of this exercise.

1) This exercise alternative is Diamond dips
2) If diamond dips work for you better then go for it.

Free squats
To activate the legs muscles you have to  do free squats, which include quads, hamstring and glutes.

If you will not train your legs then you will regret the day you will hit legs in the gym

You will be feeling powerless and next day your legs will be so sored due to sudden activeness of legs.

Keep your legs active on your holidays also by doing 100reps squats.

1) Divide your sets.
2) Do the perfect form
3) Either go parallel to ground or go deep
4) Just don't do half squats it won't active your muscles properly.

Stretching is important part of every workout to keep the blood flow fast and to get the good pump in muscles.

You can either stretch  between your sets or at the end of the workout.

If your stretching in the end just don't skip any muscles you trained.

 Do this workout when on holidays.
 This workout will not let your
body lose any muscles.

  • It's not compulsary to this workout when on holidays only, you can do it when gym is closed for some day due to some work or something.

  • Your muscles will be active so the day you hit the gym after a good vacation you can hit your weights again without feeling strength less.

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