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What's the best healthy morning routine?

Everybody wants a healthy lifestyle and want there everyday to be awesome, for a good day you have to follow the good routine to start your day with.

Most of us are following the wrong routine in the morning due to which problems can be create as we get old. So make sure you read and check either your routine is perfect or not

Here are the best healthy morning routine which you can easily follow every morning to bring a change in your life and change is important in life.

         Best healthy morning routine

Wakeup early

Waking up early is a challenge in today's world because everybody sleeping schedule is so late and we should avoid this habit of sleeping late at night.

Research says if you sleep late at night the problem of facing heart disease, diabetes and heart strokes gets high. Sleep early take a 8hours nap.

Wakeup early because you get more time to do your things and you don't have to rush for your office, school, college or anywhere and wakinh up late and rushing for work can increase stress level and waking up early with proper sleep of 8hours can reduce stress level.


Yoga one of the best thing you can do early in the morning either it is to be fit and flexible or to avoid diseases.

Doing yoga in the morning keeps your overall body fit and keeps your mind stress free and relax, so you can have a great day with a good healthy start

Yoga will help you in your mindset devolpement so you can take good decisons in your life.


Meditation is a little part of yoga, in yoga you train your mind, body and soul but in meditation you train your mind and soul.

Meditation is all about controlling breathe and your thoughts.

It will help to build you up emotionally and mentally. Keep you away from stress and depressions also helps  to reduce your anger issues.

Make you strong when it's comes to dealing with hard times in your life.

Morning time is the best to meditate with fresh mind.

Drink water

The very first thing you can do when you wake up is drink a glass of water.

There are lots of benefits of drinking a glass of water in the morning

It helps to flush out the toxics from the body 

Increase the metobilism rate and sharpens the brain for morning activities


When you wake up you can do normal exercise like crunches, squats, push ups and pull ups to activate the muscles 

Doing some exercise will increase your craving for breakfast so you can eat a heavy meal breakfast which help you in overall day.

You can also do some running or cycling for few minutes.

This is the best healthy morning routine which can be followed by anyone and will help a lot in daily basis

Make sure from this best healthy morning routine you add few habits in you and see the changes in you. 

I will be coming up with more helpful articles about lifestye and fitness. 

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