Best biceps exercise to make them grow more

Get ready to see the gains with this top 5 best biceps exercise.

Everybody wants huge biceps. Whether you wear a long sleeve t shirt, polo shirt, tank top it's obvious that your biceps are going to pop out.

They don’t grow easily so we should know the best biceps exercise to make them grow and here are the top 5

Dumbbell Concentration curls

The best dumbbell exercise for biceps, The form is easy to perform.

Don't take a heavy dumbbell, go for a normal weight dumbbell

Make sure you take the full range of motion. Release your arms totally downwards and squeeze it to Up to the shoulder level. You will be able to see the biceps peak getting contracted in right way

This biceps exercise will give you a good biceps peak

Single arm preacher curl

Muscles get more better pump when you do a concentration exercise. single arm preacher curl gives the perfect tension.

Take a preacher bench or you can use a incline bench place your arms on the preacher or incline bench and here also the dumbbell should be on a shoulder level now take the dumbell slowly downwards and when you come up squeeze your peak by coming upwards slowly

3 sets of 12 repetitions for this exercise will be better.

EZ-bar curl

EZ- bar curl Target multiple muscles at a time.

You can perform this exercise by standing, if you are doing it by standing then stand straight and bring the bar up to the both shoulders level. Don't use your lower back by going backwards and lifting the bar, form must be perfect. Take light weight but don't cheat the form.

Hammer curls

Hammer curls it helps to grow the forearm and biceps too.

When you do hammer curls the forearms muscle which get attack is the brachioradialis and the Arms muscle is biceps brachii(two-headed muscle of the arms)

Chin ups

Most of the people add chin ups in there warm up sets but you know what chin ups can be a craziest arm blaster if we add it to the last.

When you are done with all your exercise, go for the chin up. The most used muscles in chin ups are your biceps, it will not be easy for you to do it because your ATP into the muscles are already burn but give your best and do it this will help in getting more pressure.

When you do it at last you will get a extreme pump in due to increase in blood flow.

Make sure you do all this exercise in full range of motion and slowly for a better pump and burn in muscles. Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions of all this exercise.

This are the Top 5 best biceps exercise.

You can also perform this biceps workout routine after your heavy back section because when you do back workout your 75% biceps are used.

I will be coming up with more fitness tips and workout routines.

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