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If you want to grow a tree you have to first dig a seed inside the ground and digging is not enough, watering should be done properly time to time, when it starts growing proper care has to be taken and finally when the tree grows your job is done. Now the tree will give you fruits you have to collect them nothing else.

Same thing the great influencers do they make you go through a proper process of there influencing skills and ones they are done they only have to try a little to sell  you something  or to make you believe in things and you will be like yes you're right, surely i will buy it.

They have the ability to build quick trust in someones eyes, trust is the main root which you also have to build if you want to influence anybody.

Here are the top 9 "leadership and influence skills

Learn to appreciate 

Appreciation is something which you and me will obviously love to hear for our work. So why not we should also appreciate others for their work to get our work done in the end.

It's a first move just do it without any stress, you can also compliment them about their dress, shoes, glasses, hairs anything you want.

Make them happy and let the conversation begin with a smile and slowly come to the next move.

Show interest  

Whatever they are talking about show interest in it and to make them know that we are listening to them just ask simple question about the topic which ever is going on.

They will realize that yes this guy is listening what i'm saying.

This thing will leave a good image of yours in their mind.

Never say you're wrong. 

Never argue with the person let him speak either deep down inside you know he is wrong.

If you want to correct him do it like a gentlemen he should be completely unknown about the thought that you corrected his statement.

Care for them.

Show them that you really care for them by helping him in problems he's stuck in.

Even you don't know the solution just make a effort in it.

They will remember it that you were there when they need you.

Be loyal.

Loyalty is something you should sprinkle on them to keep up your good reputation.

Always give before you ask.

The most important point you should always remember is always give before you ask, give them things they want and what they want? they want the points  which are mentioned above.

If you will give them those things first it's 101% sure you will get the big returns.

Be confident 

Here comes your main job to get something from them it's upon you it can be anything, you only have to be confident in front of them.

Confidence is a great attitude to wear so always wear it.

Fear gets caught in the eye easily, never get scared while talking it will be shown up by your body language to.

Always be confident.

Make eye contacts 

To boost the confidence up make eye contacts with them and it also shows your not lying cause a person lying to someone will never make a eye contact, that doesn't mean you just have to stare continuously till the end of the conversation, Keep on breaking the eye contact for couple of seconds.


Smile a little and talk it's a sign of positivity. Don't smile widely keep it neutral just a little curved smile.

Also don't do a smudged smile it puts a negative impact.

Follow the all points properly to better your influencing skills.

  • Appreciation is a key 
  • Showing interest helps in building trust 
  • Never correct them it makes them think you're trying to drag them down.
  • Take care as you mean it 
  • Being loyal is important 
  • Contribute your time and efforts before you ask something from there side 
  • Confident will sky rocket your skills 
  • Eye contact is important but not too much
  • Smile for positivity 

I think so your question is clear about how to influence others as a leader.

Share with your friends too and grow together.

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