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Build self confidence in you and make your life 101% more easy.

Be self confident in business

If you doubt your own thoughts or you're double sure in every thing you do it's a symptom that you lack confidence.

That doesn't mean you will be forever same you can build self confidence in you by working on it.

Many people lose great opportunities in there life just by thinking what others will think if i do this and that in my life.

You want to be a leader but you have a stage fear, You want to build a great business but your thoughts are killing you and stopping you from making tough decisions.

Also getting rejected from every interview you give.

You can't talk to new people because you're too much shy.

You also want to cut this fears from your life but you can't.

The deep solution for all this problem is one simple thing confidence.

I have applied 7 habits to build self confidence in me and i'm going to share those secrets with you.

Doing things which you like.

What will happen if i make the fish climb the tree? His whole life he will think he is not capable of doing anything which will make him feel low. One day he may surely give up and mark himself as a loser.

If you're doing something that you don't like and failing in it numbers of times and have started thinking that you're not capable of anything.

My friend you just have to stop doing that work and make a exit from it and start working to find something you love and i'm 101% sure you will find success in that and due to which your self esteem will grow.

Cut negativity.

By cutting negativity from life i mean all the negative things which you are surrounded with.

Your circle if they influence you for doing wrong things which will lead a downfall in your life just cut them off.

In start you will feel sad or alone but as time flies you will thanks yourself for taking that action.

It is said that the circle you choose, the books you read, the habits you have decides what you're going to be in coming 5 years.

Be with them who encourage you for doing right things in your life.

Read book which will train your mind correctly.

Add habits which will make you better day by day.

Dress up well.

When you go for a meeting or party you will see how people are well dressed up.

If you are going in a party, meeting or to meet someone, make sure you dress up well it's boost the attitude inside you and makes you act, talk and walk like a professional.

If you choose to dress like who cares i will wear whatever i want to and there you go see people dressed up like a gentlemen your confidence will automatically will get low.

Read books

Now some people will say yes i read books but still i don't see any changes in me, because you choose the wrong book to read.

Reading love stories, fairy tails will only make you emotional, start reading books which will teach you how to train your mind and training your mind means getting better in everything.

If you hate reading no worries i have another option for you in next point.

Listen podcast & audio books

Listening to podcast & audio books is something you can do if you hate reading.

Podcast also works same as reading it attacks your subconscious mind and give your brain a right direction in building yourself.

listen podcast of successful people how they change their life, how they get better day by day it will bring a change in your life too if you learn from them.

Listen it when you're driving or working out.


When you workout you get the feeling that you have done something great for yourself, you feel different from others so you meet people openly cause you know you're perfect and can be fit into any circle you want.

Have you ever seen people posting had a great workout today either they have done 10 push up but they post it because deep inside they are feeling confident.


Meditation is very helpful in developing soul and from outside being more competitive in this world full of competition.

It makes you creative by training your brain and creativity is something which lifts the growth in life.

A person who thinks outside the box is the one who can speak up to anyone and win any debate they want.

By meditating you will have the ability to carry the right personality at different places, this will make your life more easy.

This are the simple hacks to build self confidence in you to see your life getting changed.

  •  Do things which you like and you will see growth in you and in your work too.
  •  Cutting of negativity from life will bring a huge change
  • Dress up well and you can fit in any circle you want
  •  Read good books to train your mind
  •  Listening podcast & audio books if you don't like reading
  • working out it really helps a lot
  • Meditation to be calm and smart from inside

Doing this things will also help you in building confidence at work or any place you go.

Do share with your friends and also help them build self confidence in them.

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