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5 Habits which will give you best sleep

Before going to bed add this 5 habits which will give you best sleep of your life. It's important to have a good sleeping hour so as you wake up you wake up with a brighten mood

So here are the best 5 habits which will give you best sleep 

Dinner on time

The very important thing you must focus on have your dinner 2hours before your bed time because when you sleep your breath should be shorter for proper brain oxygenation when you sleep your brain needs the proper oxygenation not your muscles.

When you eat a veg food the time is 2hours before sleep and when you eat something non veg its 4hours before sleep.

Because veggies take 2hours to digest and meat needs 4hours to digest

If you sleep just before you finish your dinner you breaths will be longer because of no digestion of food

You need longer breathes when you Exercise. Longer breaths to relax your muscles.

No caffeine 

No caffeine intake 5 or 6hours before bed time it will ruin your sleep schedule entirely 

Make sure you don't drink any somewhat energy drinks with high caffeine amount 5 or 6hours before go to bed

Usually if you are a caffeine addicted make sure you stop the habits on staying caffeinated all days it will cause harm to your body

1cup (0.24 l) of coffee in the morning is always a better option

1Glass of water 

1glass of water before bed helps your body to stay hydrated all night and also helps your systems to work properly 

To improve digestion drink warm water before bed it will detox your body 

Make sure you drink only 1glass or else it will intterupt your urine cycle and will make you wake in the middle of the night

No mobile phones

Before going to sleep you should avoid using mobile phones there is a big reason behind it and that reasons are

You will never feel sleepy if there is light entering into your eyes

So turn off the bright lights and don't use your phone before your sleep hour

Read books 

Research says reading books before bed reduce cortisol level which is a stress hormone and enchance your sleep

People who read books sleep early and it's good to stay motivated in life if you prefer reading some motivational book

Make sure you add this 5 habits which will give you best sleep of your life. You will surely find a huge change in your life after adding this habits.

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