16 healthy foods to boost immune system naturally | 11th one is tasty and very effective

If you hate medicines and vaccination it's time for you to know how to boost immune system naturally.

If you're a smoker or drinker it's obvious that immunity of your body will be low.

low immunity level can cause many problems, people with low immunity catches cold and fall sick really fast so it's becomes a problem to visit the doctor again and again and take the medicines and it is also not a good habit to keep our body depended on medicines to recover from illness let our body alone fight those bacteria and recover.

If you're a smoker or drinker it's obvious that immunity of your body will be low.

Being a fitness trainer from years the one thing people ask me is how to boost immune system quickly?

The only answer i have for them is to boost it quickly the one thing you should do is eat healthy foods. Now the question is which healthy food you should eat? So following are the immune system booster foods.


Yogurt is famous for holding too much nutrients it is rich in protein good for digestive system and for immune system too

Daily 1 cup of yogurt will keep you healthy and your body will get the all benefits of all healthy nutrients


One of the tasty and easy to make food broccoli has a good amount of vitamin c it's the best thing to stay away from cold.

One cup of broccoli a day will help in boosting immunity. You can boiled it and it should not be boiled for a long time just only for few minutes.


Orange has a good amount of ascorbic acid which is also known as vitamin C. To keep your Immune, skin, heart and eye healthy one orange a day is a good idea.

It is also very helpful to keep the cholesterol and sugar level low.

Aloe vera 

Aloe vera is mostly used in making natural ayurveda medicines. Aloe vera juice is the best natural ingredient to keep your body strong from inside. It's helps to fight against the bacteria.

Bacteria plays a major role in making you fall sick when your body can't fight with it. It's important to keep your body strong from inside too.

Green tea 

Most of the people don't like green tea because of its taste but when it's comes to health the benefits green tea gives is just amazing. It's one of the best antioxidants which keeps the body clean from inside.

To enjoy the more health benefits just squeeze a lemon into it and keep your metabolism rate more high which  will help you in burning more fat when you do a workout.


Ginger is an antibacterial which keeps the bacteria away and helps in leveling up your immunity level which lower the risk of falling sick.

If you're suffering from cold or cough having a little ginger will help you in getting recover fast.


spinach has Vitamin E which is good for your immune support, Eyes, hairs, skin and chances of cancer gets low


Salmon, tuna, gem fish are the fish which have a good amount of omega 3 which is a good fat

Omega 3 is a fatty acid which have too much benefits it is good for eyes, brain, heart, bone, liver and also reduces the risk of cancer can also reduce asthma in children.

It's boost up the immune cell inside your body which keeps you strong and away from virus.


2 to 3 almonds a day is very healthy for your body to stay fit. Almond are the good fats which our body needs.

It's keeps you healthy and away from the viruses


If you're suffering from cold zinc can help in killing those cold viruses by infecting them.

Foods which are high in zinc are lobster, nuts, eggs, crabs, meat and there are many more foods which you can eat for good intake of zinc in your body


Blueberries is well-known antioxidant which keeps you healthy and it is also can be eaten before or after workout for faster muscles recovery

Red grapes 

Red grapes is one of the immune booster with a lot of nutrients and it is also good for decreasing blood sugar level in our body and it can also protect against cancer.


Daily a lemon juice in the morning in luke warm water will give an insane amount benefits as we know lemon has a high concentration of citric acid as it is a antiviral which will keep our body safe from viruses.

Red pepper 

The Red bell pepper is the best with lots of nutrients in it will help you a lot in keeping you away from falling sick

Good amount of fibres are there and it also gives you good eye sight

The red pepper is the best as compared to other bell pepper


Basically it is used in food for taste but side by side it has its own benefits too.

Garlic can keep you away from getting cold it also helps to fight against the infection.


To keep your skin healthy and your face wrinkle free start eating papaya the best source of phytonutrients which keep you away from various diseases.

This are the top 16 food to boost immune system naturally its upon you which food you will like to eat the most, whatever food you choose it will surely give you the benefits.

Also i think so you got the answer of how to boost immune system when sick cause most of the time people remember to feed their body with healthy foods when they fall sick

Make sure you keep yourself healthy and strong from outside and inside too.

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